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2019 Updated Legislative Priority List

Post Conviction Relief for Survivors of Human Trafficking (Expungement)

HB193/SB577 - Expunction

This bill permits an eligible survivor of human trafficking to have multiple, nonviolent convictions for offenses that resulted from his/her status as a victim of human trafficking expunged, easing access to basic necessities like employment, education, and housing. (Aligns with Poverty & Opportunity, Violence & Safety, and Employment & Earnings measures from 49 to One report.)

Update: HB - Assigned to Constitutional Protections and Sentencing subcommittee; SB - Assigned to Judiciary

Partner Organizations’ Proactive Legislative Priorities

Intimate Partner Violence Emergency Screening - led by AWAKE

HB682/SB826 - Health Care

This bill requires facilities that employ licensed healthcare providers and deliver emergency care to patients to adopt protocols requiring training in the detection and treatment of victims of domestic abuse, sexual assault, and human trafficking; it also provides immunity from liability for the failure to detect, identify, or refer victims to local resources. (Aligns with Violence & Safety and Health & Wellness measures from 49 to One report.)

Update: HB - Assigned to Facilities, Licensure, & Regulations subcommittee; SB - Assigned to Health & Wellness

Handgun Permit Surrender by Domestic Violence Offenders - led by AWAKE

HB1447/SB865 - Domestic Violence

This bill  requires a handgun carry permit holder convicted of domestic assault to surrender the permit to the court within 48 hours of conviction to be forwarded to the department of safety for revocation. Currently offenders are asked to transfer possession of guns only. (Aligns with Violence & Safety measures from 49 to One report.)

Update: HB  - Assigned to  Constitutional Protections and Sentencing subcommittee; SB:Scheduled in Judiciary for March 12

Pregnancy Workers Fairness Act - led by A Better Balance

HB986/SB758 - Employees/Employers

This bill prohibits public employers from discriminating against applicants and employees with pregnancy-related conditions by not providing them with reasonable accommodations. (Aligns with Work & Family measures from 49 to One report.)

Update: HB - scheduled in Employee Affairs subcommittee for March 12; SB: Assigned to Commerce & Labor

Improving the Health Outcomes of Incarcerated Women and Their Pregnancies - led by Healthy & Free Tennessee

HB1240/SB1150 - Prisons and Reformatory Institutions

This bill restricts the use of physical restraints on pregnant inmates, requires regular prenatal and postpartum medical care for pregnant inmates, and prohibits the use of solitary confinement for pregnant inmates and inmates who have given birth within the past eight weeks. (Aligns with both Health & Wellness and Reproductive Rights measures from 49 to One report.)

Update: HB - Assigned to Corrections subcommittee; SB - Assigned to State & Local Government

Maintaining Past Gains

Ending Child Marriage in Tennessee

HB189/SB1376 - Marriage

This is simply a clean-up bill clarifying the definition of parent in the 2018 legislation eliminating child marriage and removing obsolete language about the marriage of minors from the code.

Update: HB  - Passed as filed; SB - recommended for pass, sent to Calendar Committee

Combating Suicide in Tennessee

HB159/SB1465 - Health Care

As introduced, extends the Suicide Prevention Act of 2018 indefinitely; requires the department of health to compile data on the medications that were prescribed to those dying from suicide; requires that a report be made to the health committee of the house of representatives and the health and welfare committee of the senate no later than June 30, 2020, and by June 30 every two years thereafter.

Update: HB - Scheduled in Health Committee March 12; SB  - Assigned to Health & Welfare

Supporting Victims of Human Trafficking

HB397/SB447 - Public Funds and Financing

As introduced, establishes a victims of human trafficking fund in the state treasury to provide comprehensive treatment and support services to victims of human trafficking.

Update: HB  - Assigned to Criminal Justice subcommittee; SB - Assigned to General Subcommittee of Judiciary

49 to One Strategic Priorities

Firearms Restrictions for Offenders

HB1119/SB1415 - Firearms and Ammunition

As introduced, creates a Class A misdemeanor of possessing a firearm if a person has a prior conviction of stalking. This was the number one priority issue in our 2018 Advocacy survey. (Aligns with Violence and Safety measures from 49 to One Report.)

Update: HB - Assigned to Constitutional Protections & Sentencing subcommittee; SB - Assigned to Judiciary

HB1224/SB1025 - Domestic Violence

This bill requires the court to order that a defendant convicted of domestic violence who transfers possession of firearms to a third party must have the third party complete and return to the court an affidavit certifying that the third party is not prohibited from possessing firearms, acknowledges receipt of firearms from the defendant, and accepts their responsibility under this section. This was our Voices priority issue. (Aligns with Violence and Safety measures from 49 to One report.)

Update: HB - Scheduled inConstitutional Protections & Sentencing subcommittee March 13; SB - Scheduled  in Judiciary March 12

Sexual Harassment Protections for Contract Workers

HB387/SB380 - Employees,Employers

This bill makes it a discriminatory practice for a person who is paying a non-employee for labor or services to engage in harassment of the non-employee because of the non-employee's sex; holds such persons liable for the actions of their employees in engaging in such harassment under certain circumstances. (Aligns with both the Employment and Earnings and Violence and Safety measures from 49 to One report.) (Follow also: HB81/SB986.)

Update: HB - Assigned to Employee Affairs subcommittee; SB - Assigned to Commerce & Labor.

Sexual Harassment in Tennessee Government

HB594/SB1262 - Tort Liability and Reform

This bill declares settlement agreement provisions that have purpose or effect of concealing details relating to claim of sexual harassment or sexual assault as void and unenforceable and contrary to public policy of this state if settlement agreement is entered into by governmental entity; maintains confidentiality of victim's identity. (Aligns with Violence and Safety measures from 49 to One report.)

Update: HB - Sent back to Civil Justice Subcommittee March 12;  SB - Assigned to Judiciary

Equal Pay for Tennessee Women

HB216/SB255 - Sex Discrimination

This bill forbids discrimination by an employer on the basis of sex by paying any employee a wage rate less than than that paid to any employee of the opposite sex for comparable work, performance, skill and responsibility in similar working conditions. (Aligns with both the Employment & Earnings and Poverty & Opportunity measures from 49 to One report.)

Update: HB - Assigned to Employee Affairs subcommittee; SB - Assigned to Commerce & Labor.

Family  Leave Legislation

HB514/SB647 - Employees, Employers

As introduced, enacts the "Tennessee State Family Leave Act." (Aligns with Work & Family measures from 49 to One report.)

Update: HB - Assigned to Employee Affairs subcommittee; SB assigned to Commerce & Labor.

Preventing Suspension of Drivers Licenses

HB839/SB1143 - Driver Licenses

This bill prevents suspension of a driver license for failure to pay fines or costs imposed for a driving offense if the person is indigent or enters into payment plan; requires person be issued restricted driver license until moneys owed the court are fully paid.  (Aligns with Poverty and Opportunity measures from 49 to One report.)

Update: HB - Scheduled in Safety & Funding subcommittee March 12;  SB - Assigned to Transportation & Safety

Childcare Expenses for Candidates for Public Office

HB7/SB86 - Campaigns and Campaign Finance

This bill authorizes the use of campaign funds for the child care expenditures of a candidate that are incurred by the candidate as a direct result of the candidate's participation in campaign-related events and activities. (Aligns with both Work & Family and Political Participation measures from 49 to One report.)

Update: HB - Rescheduled in  Elections and Campaign Finance subcommittee 13 March; SB - Scheduled in  State and Local Government 19 March

Restrictions on Public Vaping

HB97/SB26 - Tobacco, Tobacco Products

This bill  limits the places in which one may use vapor products. (Aligns with Health & Wellness measures from the 49 to One report.)

Update: HB - Assigned to Public Health subcommittee; SB - Passed.

Additional Priority

Removing Statutes of Limitations on Child Sexual Assault Victims

HB286/SB368 - Statutes of Limitation and Repose

This bill removes the statute of limitations for prosecution of certain Class A or Class B felony sex offenses committed against a child on or after July 1, 2019, and deletes a provision that sets a lower statute of limitations for aggravated rape, rape of a child, rape, and aggravated rape of a child if notice of the offense is not given to law enforcement within three years of the offense. (Follow also HB285/SB18; HB112/SB592; HB140/SB1131; HB660/SB545; HB1035/SB954.)

Update: HB - Currently off notice in Criminal Justice subcommittee.; SB - Sent to Calendar to Schedule Final Floor Vote

Limiting Firearms Possession for At Risk Individuals

HB754/SB1402 - Firearms and Ammunition

This bill prohibits certain persons voluntarily admitted to a mental health treatment facility from possessing a firearm.

Update: HB - Currently off notice  in Constitutional Protections & Sentencing; SB - Assigned to Judiciary

Jeannine Carpenter