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We work with other community organizations to maximize the impact of our advocacy work.

Our Partners


Our Partners Bring us Closer to Number One


Girls Inc. and Thrive

The Girls Inc. THRIVE program strives to educate and empower young girls to make informed health decisions and to be advocates for women’s rights by providing hands-on, informal education not currently provided. This includes the opportunity to learn women’s history and to interact with local female leaders who inspire THRIVE participants to be advocates of change in their communities. What transpires during a girl’s teenage years shapes the direction of her life. In partnership with local community organizations, THRIVE is helping bring Tennessee from 49 to One by equipping girls with skill sets that make them more likely to complete higher levels of education, attain better jobs, generate more income, and make an impact on their community. Developing the leadership capacity of girls not only helps them to secure better livelihoods, but also creates a generation who will deliver future change. When women and girls thrive, the entire community prospers.


TechTown of Chattanooga: STEAMGirls

By way of their STEAMgirls program, TechTown Chattanooga works to close the gender gap in the technology sector by engaging, inspiring, educating, mentoring, and equipping young girls with STEAM content knowledge and skills necessary to promote further advancement in technology-based careers. By preparing young women with some of the STEAM skills necessary to pursue technology-based careers by way of after-school sessions, Saturday pop-up camps, and mentoring events that debunk the stigmas, stereotypes, and misconceptions surrounding women in STEAM, TechTown Chattanooga is an important partner in working to move Tennessee from 49 to One. The STEAMgirls program is driven by girls for girls, empowering participants to set and achieve goals that they deem important. All activities, projects, and curricula are developed in close collaboration with a Teen Advisory Board of 23 teen girls nominated by school faculty from local middle and high schools.